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The shortage of care workers, which is partly caused by employee turnover, is a serious problem in the rapidly aging society of Japan. The main reasons for people leaving their jobs include problems related to human relationships and attitudes towards the corporate philosophy. Workplace fun is considered to be an effective strategy for improving these conditions. A questionnaire was administered to care workers (N=165) at special nursing homes for the elderly and 155 responses were collected. The questionnaire inquired about human relationships at workplaces, team-based care, attitudes toward the corporate philosophy, and work satisfaction and a causal model was developed. Covariance structure analysis indicated that workplace fun leads to satisfaction with the workplace, which correlated with a mutually supportive climate, mediated by mutual recognition, sympathy with the corporate philosophy, and the orientation for team care.

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本論文は,2018年6月26日~30日にカナダ モントリオールで開催された国際応用心理学会議(ICAP2018)にてポスター発表された内容に基づき執筆されています。